Succinct HR advice for

small & micro businesses.


betterHR provides simple ways to address people-related work problems.

HR in small (<250 employees) and micro (<25 employees) organizations is often a neglected piece of operations‚Ķ until something goes wrong.  betterHR provides small and micro organizations the resources to minimize, address, solve, and avoid people-related work problems. Succinct HR advice to help you now.

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Resource Overview:

Unfiltered HR

An HR professional's thoughts on HR, leadership, and management topics without the usual, politically correct, HR-appropriate filter.  

Topics include:

  • How to be a slacker
  • The best ways to overwork staff
  • Dealing with generations at work

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Quick & Dirty How To

We cut to the chase and translate the HR appropriate guidance into the quick and dirty advice you can use now. Click on our most popular posts below or head to the Q&D How To homepage.  

Quick and dirty advice on how to:

  • Tell an employee she smells
  • Find more free time
  • Fire a relative
  • Get an employee to dress nicer
  • ... and more! 


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