What's up?

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Catherine B. Iste, Founder

betterHR is the culmination of my professional dreams- to this point.  It's online, so the introverted business person in me gets to meet more people in a way I enjoy; plus the futurist in me has an excuse to stay abreast of new tech.  bHR also highlights my professional strengths and that of those I love.  So I get to serve you while I create, learn and grow with my peeps! That's my kind of win-win-win.  

If you want to learn more about my professional background, certifications, etc. connect with me on LinkedIN!


Silvere, OPerations & TEchnical Advisor

Silvere is a problem solver and contrarian. He also has decades of experience working with start-ups: building remote teams and online platforms.  And best of all - he loves helping people understand and embrace any new tech that can improve their lives.  

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Jim & Barbara, Education Advisors

With 75 years of education experience between them and nothing but free time on their hands, Jim and Barbara seemed like a natural fit for the betterHR team. Their nice mix of loquaciousness and short attention spans keeps us honest.