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Programs & Course Catalogs

Our approach is rooted in a few deeply held beliefs. We believe enthusiasm is inspiring and inspiration is contagious.  Real power comes from knowledge.  Leadership can be learned.  And everyone benefits from encouragement.

Our goal is to get you excited about your work so excelling becomes effortless. 

Our courses are available 24/7, on any device. Downloadable lectures allow you to listen on your commute.  PowerPoint presentations mean you can participate at your desk and still be productive.  And our live, online courses offer a fun, unique way to network, learn and meet your recertification goals from wherever you are. 

Great content that meets your needs, at a great price.

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HR Professionals

HR can be fun, interesting and evolving.  Our professional development should be, too. Have a SHRM certification?  We’ve got your BoCK®!  Carrying an HRCI cert?  We are an HRCI approved provider, too.  Check out our course catalog for all your recertification needs as well as courses to help you transition to HR consulting, become a licensed private investigator and more.

I really enjoyed the lectures, activities and the way you communicated with us!
— Gerae K. HR Pro
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Competing with HR pros for the most underappreciated, stressed out workers, we are here to give you some love!  What courses spark the passion that got you into this field?  Who inspires you?  Join betterHR and share your ideas so we can become your new favorite CE source. We will keep you updated as we progress.

Often hilarious, sometimes tender, Catherine will take you well beyond what you ever thought possible.
— Lisa C., MS, RN, FNP


We love attorneys with a sense of humor.  If you embrace formality and eschew wit, this place is not for you. On the other hand, if you have been known to read McSweeney's at your desk, then we want to hear what you have to say! We're launching our school for you later this year.  Join us and share your course ideas and faculty recommendations so we can provide you with the best CLEs.

Attorneys don’t like to be quoted.
— Anonymous Attorney
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We all know that accountants are the life of the party. So why are so many CPEs so boring?  We want to change that.  We are currently collecting ideas for interesting, fun, and relevant topics that would inspire you to enroll.  We would also love recommendations for amazing professionals to add to our faculty.  Join betterHR, share your ideas and stay informed.  We anticipate opening these courses later in 2018.   

Thank you Catherine; I really enjoyed the class and especially your teaching style made it more interesting.
— Kourosh Z., CPA