Why betterHR?

Because HR, when implemented correctly, can be an amazing asset to any organization.  Happy, productive employees can naturally serve as brand ambassadors.  A positive, supportive work environment can lead to an innovative culture.  And a leader focused on leading, not distracted by people-problems can achieve amazing things.  

.org & Ad free

org. is a constant reminder that our primary purpose is to make succinct HR advice easily accessible to small and micro business leaders.  And ads, however targeted or helpful, are distracting. 


       betterHR = betterWork






HR can suck.  I want to change that because I think HR is the thing that can be a true differentiator, especially for smaller businesses.  I am also passionate about small and micro businesses because they are the heartbeat of this country.



  • Learning French & relearning Arabic
  • Enjoying summer in New England
  • Trying to become a good writer

Career Turning Points

• Being told to fire my best friend
• Realizing finance was dull compared to union negotiations
• Sustaining a shoulder injury that cut my military intelligence career short

Proudest Career Moment

Becoming my own boss.





Solving problems is my thing. I love figuring out the best ways to make the appropriate technology address a need and then seeing the relief and freedom that provides my clients.   



  • Reading about technology...
  • ...except when I am working on my Harley

Small Business Ephiphanies

  • Simplicity is very hard to achieve
  • It's only difficult the first time

Tech I find interesting

• Anything that makes life better




Jim & Barbara

With 75 years of education experience between them and nothing but free time on their hands, Jim and Barbara seemed like a natural fit for the betterHR team. Their nice mix of loquaciousness and short attention spans keeps us honest. 



  • Telling us what to do
  • Hanging with the grandkids
  • Brewing beer

Reading Interests

  • Crime novels (Barbara)
  • Non-fiction on one word topics (Jim)

Pet Peeves

Complicated technology



Baker, entrepreneur and high school English teacher.  We tell her she is on the team to advise us on the latest trends from her students and to help with content editing but it is really because she bakes large quantities of really good food frequently.  


  • Reading dystopian novels 
  • Picking out a basket for her moped

Recent Baked Goods

  • English muffins

Pet Peeves

Friendships that require access to social media.